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Kick Start Pack Includes 

One on One

Road Mapping 

This is the most powerful session of the programme.

Here your coach is going to breakdown your why?

Build a connection to your outcomes that will drive you to succeed.

Establish a step by step plan to achieve your ultimate outcomes.  


You'll have full access to our small group sessions to overhaul your physique. 

Daily tasks to improve heart health & address day to day niggles like low back pain, tight shoulders and chronic fatigue. 

Accountability Coaching

At BAB, we dont leave our members to their own devices. We coach and mentor you weekly. 

Over the first 4 weeks you will receive weekly check-ins for progress tracking to ensure you continue to move forward towards your goals.

What Our Clients Say

Damon Tafatu

Mix Breed Members (local community group)

Build a body has a great atmosphere and great trainers, really down to earth and care about your well being. Awesome bunch of guys and really love helping the community:)

Priscilla Cheung

Online member

Another great session. I’m loving these mobility classes. Thank you Tau!

Shar McDonald 

PT Members 

 Awesome morning sweat on! Thanks guys!

“You have to visualise every single step in the process of completing your goal. Our job is to help you clearly illustrate each step, build a road map of actions to attain your goals. 


There is no perfect time to start, ask yourself are you ready to succeed?

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